Credit broker knows which bank to choose!

Beyond the intrinsic qualities of our brokers (assessing the borrower’s overall financial situation, setting up a financing plan, optimizing the file to be presented), he very quickly knows which bank to go to promote the acceptance of credit. As a partner, a credit broker knows the operation and expectations of ( more… )

How do I get a loan for my company?

There are certain precautions that the business owner needs to take to carry it out, such as, for example, the planning that should be the basis of this decision, because without it it is impossible to keep the accounts up to date and deal with the credit values. The administrator, ( more… )

Termination of loan ┬╗Check legal possibilities!

There are factors that make you want to terminate a long-term real estate loan. Unemployment, divorce or death sometimes leads to financial bottlenecks that make it impossible to repay the loan installments. To escape a personal bankruptcy, there is sometimes only the possibility of termination of the real estate loan ( more… )

PPI Credit and Monthly Insurance

Credit insurance is a product specific to SMEs that offer credit sales. It concerns above all the commercial risk that arises during a sale. In this context, it should not be confused with monthly insurance which can be taken out when a loan is taken by an individual. Our explanations. ( more… )